New Albany Lacrosse Association (NALA) is a non-profit club promoting lacrosse in New Albany and the surrounding areas. NALAs objective is to give the players the opportunity to develop their lacrosse potential. Players are taught to honor the game, their

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                          2015 New Albany Lacrosse Association 5/6 Grade Boys Travel Team Opportunities

For 2015, there will be multiple options for players at all skill levels.  Players will have the option to play at a recreational or select level.  This will be contingent on multiple items including:
  1. Number of players that sign up to play in this age group.
  2. Number of coaches that choose to volunteer as either a head coach, or assistant coach, as well as practice time support*
Based upon the outcomes of both of these key areas, we will determine the best direction and choose one of these 3 options to offer the maximum opportunity for each child to improve in the game, which is a primary function of getting the highest amount of touches during both practices and games:
  1. Separated select and recreation programs with completely different schedules.
  2. Travel team opportunities with these players playing a recreational schedule as well
  3. No travel or select program, with all players playing recreational schedules only.

We will make the final determinations for the 2015 5-6th grade program as we build both our volunteer coach , team coordinators, and player counts.   The plan to proceed will then be communicated with the NALA website and to all registered players NALA contact email.
* The more volunteerism that we have, the BETTER your child’s experience will be throughout their season.  It is best to have at least 3 coaches for every 20 players.  Again, this will significantly improve each child’s experience, and it is NOT important to understand all of the nuances to Lacrosse to volunteer, what is most important, is to understand how to coach and affect children in a positive fashion.  We have plenty of skilled coaches that can assist you in learning the basics of the game, as well and online tutoring and practice planning to enhance your knowledge of the game.   The key to success will be the level of volunteerism within the program. 


If you have any questions, please contact Scott Passias at